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Yes, investment projects must be implemented within a maximum period of 5 years from the date of signing the investment agreement, unless otherwise specified in the agreement. In such cases, an amendment will be made.

Tax and customs exemptions included in the investment agreement are valid for a period of 36 months. Investment projects exceeding 50 million dirhams may benefit from an additional period of 24 months beyond the initial 36-month period (Finance Law 2023).

Every investment project must be submitted to the Regional Investment Center (CRI) of the relevant region.

They benefit from a convertibility regime ensuring the transfer of net profits free from taxes without any limitation on amount or duration, as well as the transfer of proceeds from the sale or total or partial liquidation of the investment, including capital gains.

An investor who has signed an investment agreement with the state starting from January 1, 2022, can request to benefit from one of the provisions of the Investment Charter if it proves to be more advantageous than the one they already benefit from.

Investment projects in the agricultural sector are not eligible for state aid under the Investment Charter. In Morocco, agriculture is a vital sector that operates under different economic, financial, and social dynamics compared to other sectors. That's why, in consultation with the relevant departments, a separate treatment has been recommended.

Moreover, private investment support in the field of agriculture is already functioning very effectively and autonomously. Additionally, the Charter will support projects related to the transformation of agricultural products.

The focal point for any strategic investment project is the Ministry of Investment, Convergence, and Evaluation of Public Policies.

The National Investment Commission (CNI), either on its own initiative or upon request from the relevant government authority or authorities, the Regional Governor (Wali de région), or the President of the Council of the relevant region.

No, the specific support mechanism dedicated to strategic investment projects and the main support mechanism are not cumulative.