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Morocco is embarking on a new phase which requires concerted efforts centered on strategic priorities in order to carry on with the mission of promoting development while facing up to external challenges... 

At the same time, there must be greater coordination, harmony and synergy between public policies and follow-up to implementation.

Excerpt from His Majesty The King's Speech, may God assist Him, to the Parliament on the occasion of the opening of the 1st session of the 1st legislative year of the 11th legislature, on October 8, 2021.

The establishment of MICEPP reflects the government's strong commitment to implementing the Royal High Directives in addressing the challenges of this new era. These challenges necessitate the construction of a robust, sustainable, and integrated economy within the framework of the Social State.

This structural transformation of public action involves, in particular, the implementation of mechanisms and tools that operate throughout the life cycle of public policies to ensure their convergence, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Towards a New Generation of Public Policies

Public policies at the national level translate the priorities of the Kingdom and the priorities of the government program.

His Majesty the King, may God assist Him, has provided clear guidance through His speeches to place the Moroccan citizen at the heart of the development process and public policies. This includes a call for rigorously designed, coherent, complementary, harmonious, and integrated public policies.

This revitalization of public policies has been at the forefront of discussions surrounding the New Development Model, which has placed the following principles at the core of its action:

  • Strengthening the results-oriented and impact-focused approach for citizens
  • Developing a systematic and partnership-based approach
  • Enhancing skills and competencies
  • Empowering territorial subsidiarity
  • Systematically integrating sustainability of resources and the efficiency of development choices into action by stakeholders.
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Convergence of Public Policies

Convergence is a major challenge to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of public policies. A set of public policies is considered convergent when they align with clearly defined and coherent objectives, and are formulated and implemented in a coordinated manner, taking into account their complementarities, including at the territorial level. This is done to generate a strong impact on the citizen.

Convergence of Public Policies English

Tracking Public Policies and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation of public policies are important tools for achieving the ambitious goals set by the Kingdom while ensuring the efficiency of public action.

These tools enable the monitoring and adjustment of the implementation trajectory of a public policy, and most importantly, the making of informed decisions, considering major developments at both national and international levels.

The positioning of MICEPP is to be at the heart of the internal monitoring and evaluation system within the executive, with a priority on achieving the convergence of public policies for better effectiveness and efficiency, ultimately maximizing the impact on the citizen.